Shark Attack

Aloha!!! Kala Ka’aihue back at you from the Honolulu Sharks here in beautiful Hawaii. The start of the Hawaii Winter Baseball League has been great. Our team is very talented and we’ve proven to be the team to beat with the best record among the four teams. Although we’ve got the best record, if you were to watch all four teams compete, it would be hard to rank them based on talent alone. With all four teams stacked with prospects, our team has found ways to win with a lot of different guys contributing.  I’ve also been happy to see the asian players from Japan and Korea bring a different style and speed to the game.  The pitchers from Asia have been doing a great job of messing with hitters timing(especially mine…I think I’m 2-15 off asian pitching). Hopefully I’ll hit better against the asian pitchers the next three weeks of the HWB league. 

The World Series starts today and we’ve got three guys with the Phillies organization that are obviously excited to see their organization succeed.  I was pulling for the Rays in the ALCS, however in the World Series, I’m rooting for a buddy of mine and another “local boy” Shane Victorino and the Phillidelphia Phillies. One factor that I think is sometimes overlooked by media and fans during playoffs in any sport is team chemistry. I’ve experienced it this past season as SL champs, and I can tell you that team unity, clubhouse humor, and keeping the dugout mood light, were all huge factors in both our season and postseason.  Both the Rays and Phillies seem to have that going for them which makes me believe this will be a very exciting and emotional series.  

Although pitching usually dominates hitting, this postseason has shown to be an offensive slugfest.  I hope it continues because I personally love to watch hitters beat up on pitchers. I root for underdogs and hitters are the underdogs because pitchers have all the advantage.  If it sounds like I think pitching is easy, I don’t!  It’s really tough but I like to make fun of pitchers so here’s a start to an on-going thing that I will continually update and revise that I like to call “You can be a pitcher if…”

 #1 You can be a pitcher if… you like working every 5 days!!!

#2 You can be a pitcher if… you can handle the frustration of golfing in between starts. (It’s really tough on your wallet too)

#3 You can be a pitcher if… you can’t field a groundball, you can’t hit water if you fell out of boat, and you are not athletic at all… but you can throw 90 mph.

#4 You can be a pitcher if… you think 1 VS. 9 is totally fair!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog.  Please feel free to comment on anything I’ve talked about.  And if you have anything I can add to, “You can be a pitcher if…”, I’ll be glad to add them in next weeks update of You can be a pitcher if…”   See ya in a few days…Aloha!!! 

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