Hawaii’s Bad Weather

Aloha everybody. Since my last blog five days ago, the winter league here in Hawaii has been put on hold due to bad weather.  We’ve rained out 2 of our last 3 games with two scheduled off days in between. We’ve played once in the last five days and its been great. It’s funny how much we love rainouts. In little leagues, we used to be so upset if it was raining on game day. Now that we’re in pro-ball, we treat rainouts as a reason to celebrate. I guess its like having an unexpected day off from work.

Aside from the rain, our team is on a three game losing streak. We haven’t played well the last three games but I’m confident we’ll bounce back. I’ve also had a couple of rough days at the plate. I’ve been fouling off a lot of pitches that should be hit hard, and my timing has been a little inconsistent. With only 15 more games to go here in the winter league, the main thing for me is to stay healthy and finish strong. 

I haven’t heard any good ones lately to add to “You can be a pitcher if…”, so I’ll have to update it next week. Talk to you later…





Hope you guys can rebound! Been following your team quite a bit, and am a lifelong Braves fan. All the best!


Hi Kala,

What about…You can be a pitcher if a blister on your finger gives you 15 days off of work.


You can be a pitcher if you need to wear a parka in order to run the bases.


You can be a pitcher if you feel entitled to have all the hot water in the shower room to yourself after a bad start

Keep up the great work Kala and let’s hope you have an ’09 season like your bro had this year!

howitz Kala;
enjoy reading your blog. here’s one: You can be a pitcher if: your teammates makes an error and you think to yourself whats that donkey getting paid for.


i miss you and the rest of the boys so much! Glad to hear your doing good.
haha and stop hating on the pitchers!!!!!!!!

write me
love to hear from you! let me know how and where the rest of the “crew” is.


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